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The last 30 days before your wedding
27 May 2008 02:28 am
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You may have completed and prepared a lot of things to make your wedding day perfect. Nevertheless, it is still a month to go and you need to decide on all the details that will be happening on your big day. You will need to verify everything with the vendor, decide on your honeymoon and so on. The last month is very essential since you will work out all the things that have not been fixed yet.

Thirty days before you get married
During the last month you will confirm the final details about your wedding with the vendors. You may confirm with the provider of your wedding services the number of favors you will need. If you have not purchased a guest book yet, you might want to do so for it is very important. As for the wedding invitation cards, you should send them out if you have not done so. Your guests need about three weeks to get ready for your wedding.

As your wedding dress is an inseparable part of the ceremony you will need to go to the bridal shop and try it on for the last time. Most likely your body shape will not change before the big day, unless you suddenly do something wrong (overeat).

Fourteen days before you get married
Getting your marriage license may be the most significant thing for your wedding and marriage life. In addition, you have to get your final guest list and confirm menu for your wedding ceremony.

Seven days before you get married
Just seven days left to your wedding, you may get excited about it. It is time for you to prepare for your honeymoon. It is also time to begin to pack for your honeymoon. Moreover, you can try to pay the expenditures of your wedding ceremony.

A day before you get married
You may perhaps be very anxious on the day before your wedding ceremony. You should have a good sleep so that you will have enough liveliness to take pleasure in the ceremony tomorrow.

Today is the day
Today is your big day. Its time to relax and get pleasure from the time with your guest and other half.