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The Wisdom of Silence in Relationships
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Amazing things can happen in silence. It is in this space that the real you shines through. You gain clarity. The answers that have eluded you become clear as day. You make the amazing realization that you are not your thoughts and feelings, that you are pure consciousness and these are entities that are constantly passing by in various forms.

Ah, the wisdom of silence. Unfortunately, this silent time can make us very uncomfortable. We do anything we can to avoid it, to not pay attention to the things that come up when there is nothing but us and our thoughts. Meditation is one of the most beneficial practices I have ever adopted, yet one of the hardest and even after practicing for years, I still have my moments when I find it extremely difficult and agitating to sit with my thoughts in a silent space. So, I get the difficulty. But, having reaped the rewards I have, I cannot recommend anything more wholeheartedly. Even if you do not adopt a formal meditation practice, make that time to sit in silence, anywhere you can get it.

We get so caught up in everyday living and the raging river of thoughts that rush through our head on a constant basis. We have all this stuff on our minds, especially when it comes to relationships, but we are rarely ever engaging in any sort of deliberate thought. It is like we are on auto-pilot from the minute we wake up to the minute we fall asleep. Taking that time to be in silence allows us to connect to our higher self, that part of us that just knows what we want and what we need to do. We are disconnected from our true selves in so many ways and silence helps restore this broken relationship we have with ourselves.

So many of us struggle with dissatisfaction with our lives and relationships, unwanted emotions and myriad other issues and we suffer needlessly. The keys to a better love life and life in general are deceptively simple, the difficult part is making the effort to implement them. Silence is one of these simple, yet incredibly powerful tools. Allow yourself to reap the benefits of the wisdom of silence. In it, you will find everything you need.

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