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Ashton Kutcher 'to play Steve Jobs'
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Ashton Kutcher is reportedly set to play Steve Jobs in the independent film 'Jobs'.

Five Star Institute will be financing and Joshua Michael Stern will direct, according to Variety.

The plan is to begin principal photography as early as next month, when Kutcher will be on a break from shooting his TV sitcom; but there may well be another reason to fast track production. Sony are planning their own biopic about Jobs, and theirs will have a much bigger budget.

Steve Jobs is seen as one of the great icons of our time. During his tenure as the head of Apple, products such as the Mac and iPod became part of everyday lives. He died last October after a long battle with cancer.

The decision to cast Ashton Kutcher in the role may be a surprise to many, but early pictures of the young Steve Jobs show a close resemblance to the star.

The actor has been in the headlines recently for his private life. Following his highly-publicised split from Demi Moore he has been linked to a number of glamorous women, including pop sensation Rihanna who hit out at the claims last week.

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While Kutcher has proven himself as a comedy actor, his more dramatic roles in the likes of 'The Butterfly Effect' and 'Bobby' have gone largely unnoticed.

He might look the part, but can he convince as the man who became a hero to many?


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