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Businesswomen meet to discuss investment opportunities in Kingdom, UAE
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Dubai has 3,760 businesswomen, 66 percent of them work in the public sector, 30 percent hold decision-making positions in the public sector and some are in the Federal National Council while women investments in various sectors amount to AED12.4 billion, according to Raja Al-Gurg, president of Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC).

Raja made the statement during a meeting of women's delegation from the Riyadh-based Council of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CSCCI) at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce yesterday (Tuesday).

They discussed ways of building bridges, strengthening cooperation, working jointly in common areas of interest and also agreed to coordinate efforts for exchanging information on investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

"This visit reflects a mutual desire to build bridges and establish a strategic partnership between the two sides, share experiences and information while strengthening cooperation ties and work jointly in common areas of interest," said Raja while appreciating the contribution of Saudi women to their country's economy.

Raja paid tributes to the contribution of GCC women to the vibrant business and investment environment of the region.

Highlighting the role of DBWC, she said the council's objective was to empower the role of UAE businesswomen in developing their economic, social and cultural status in life. It works to foster equal opportunity in the world of commerce through designing programs and policies to give businesswomen the right opportunities so that they develop their own business enterprises. A number of Dubai businesswomen and representative of the Hamburg Office in Dubai also attended the meeting.

Khloud S. Al-Tamimi, acting general manager of the women's department at the CSCCI, who headed the delegation stressed the importance of the visit which she said provided an opportunity to build stronger ties and expand the areas of cooperation between the two sides in the long run. She also took the opportunity to appreciate the role of DBWC in cultivating a new generation of successful businesswomen in the region.

Other members of the delegation from Madinah, Riyadh, Yanbu and Sharqiya (Eastern Province) shared their experiences as regards to their successful business ventures and efforts to achieve positive results in recent years, as well as their contribution to the economic development of Saudi women.


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