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How to become better friends with your mom
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As much as we love our moms, its not always easy to see eye to eye, but maintaining a strong relationship with the woman who raised you is important. One of the best ways to do that is to work on becoming better friends. We have some tips on how to do just that.

Listen to her

The first step in improving your relationship with mom (and in turn becoming better friends) is to become a better listener. Its so easy to gloss over what she says, pretend to listen as she tells you about why your sister should reconsider her latest boyfriend or the newest diet she and your father are trying. But no matter what shes talking about, make an effort to actively listen. Ask questions, offer opinions and otherwise let her know youre present and she can count on you to be a sounding board if she needs it. The more you listen, the more connected youll become.

Real women speak: For the longest time, especially when I was in my late teens and early 20s I didnt really listen to my mom, didnt know what she was about. Now that Im older, Im finding she has a lot of really interesting things to say! Kayla, 37, from Chicago

Accept her

We all have moments where we want to roll our eyes at something Mom is saying (or wearing), but lets face it -- we all have quirks, and there are likely things you do that drive your mom nuts. Boost your bond and become better friends by being more accepting of your mother. The time you spend together will be much more relaxed and a lot more enjoyable.

Real women speak: I used to think my mom was super-weird, especially when I was younger, and get really annoyed with her about the littlest things. But Ive come to realize that just caused tension between us. She still does stuff that annoys me, but the more I look past it, the better time I have with her. Stephanie, 26, from Toronto, Canada

Make time for her

The only way youre going to become better friends with your mom is if you make time for her. We know youre busy, but the more effort you make to spend one-on-one time with Mom outside of obligatory family dinners, the closer youll become.

Real women speak: My mom and I started going on a weekly brunch date. Before that I only really saw her, like, once a month or often less. But once we started hanging out more, I really feel like I got to see a whole new side of her. Its been really cool." Brittney, 29, from Los Angeles

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