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Report: Sofia Vergara Breaks Up With Boyfriend
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A friend confirmed to Us Weekly that the "Modern Family" looker and her boyfriend of two years, Nick Loeb, have broken up. The New York Post first noted that the actress attended a Monday-night museum gala and after-party solo. The two, who met January 2010 at a Golden Globes party, have had various spats, and the last one was the deal-breaker.

Who is Nick Loeb? The twosome have certainly been an interesting couple. While Loeb's a red-carpet junkie, the Florida businessman with high-powered family ties has long harbored aspirations for higher office. Loeb, whose father was ambassador to Denmark during the Reagan administration and a UN delegate, lost a 2005 bid for a city commission spot in his town of Delray, cut short a 2009 state Senate campaign because of his divorce, and, after serious consideration, recently decided against launching a U.S. Senate campaign. Loeb blamed the decision on injuries from a serious car crash.

American old money meets met Colombian middle class The Loeb family is woven deep into American institutions: He's the great-great-grandson of Mayer Lehman, one of the Lehman Brothers. Vergara on the other hand grew up middle class in Colombia, married her high school sweetheart at age 18 and had a son.

Both her husband and her father discouraged her plans to be a doctor (she settled for dental school). The two divorced after two years, but are reportedly still close. The actress faced personal tragedy when her older brother was killed during a kidnapping attempt. She brought her remaining family to live with her in Miami, but her younger brother, affected by his brother's murder, became addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Vergara's fame has been a "factor" in Loeb's political decisions. He told the Palm Beach Post back in January 2011, "I'm not ready to overwhelm her with this," Loeb said. "I want to make sure I do what's right for both of us." Understandable, given that during his state senate try, his then wife Anna was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. (Loeb ultimately blamed their separation on his wife having reconnected with an ex back in her native Sweden.)

Fiery relationship. Vergara and Loeb have had arguments before. Even when Loeb was housebound after a 2010 accident, Us Magazine hinted that playing nursemaid wasn't an easy role. Vergara told, "It's been a very hard two months -- for him and for me.. Because, you know, I've been with him since the beginning."

If this is the end, the perennial favorite she usually ranks in the top 25 female celebrities on Yahoo! Search will find other distractions besides her Emmy Award-winning show. She's continuing to build her big-screen career by joining the cast of "Machete Kills," a followup to "Machete." And, judging from online searches, the 38-year-old is always welcome to host "Saturday Night Live or return as the cover woman for Mexico's GQ.

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