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Best Places to Travel Alone
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Best Places to Travel Alone.

The big appeal for solo travelers is how friendly the Irish are. Its very easy to meet people and its also very safe.

Ive never been to a place where people were more likely to say hello or strike up a conversation with you, Schlichter said. That makes you feel like youre not alone.

Australians are super friendly and theres a real culture of travel here, particularly traveling solo. Its very easy to get around.

They have a real sense of independence down there, Schlichter said. No ones going to look at you funny if youre traveling by yourself!

When you think of really romantic travel, you dont think of Iceland, Schlichter said, which makes it perfect for traveling alone!

Its got cool culture, cool landscape with all the waterfalls and strange formations its fascinating to explore, she added. And, its not so hard to do it alone!

Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a great place for the solo adventurer, with a variety of activities, including white-water rafting, hiking, relaxing in hot springs or scaring yourself silly zip lining through the forest canopy, Schlichter said.

Its lush landscape (the name literally means rich coast) includes beaches, rain forest, volcanoes and diverse wildlife, including white-faced monkeys, speckled owls and toucans, Expedia notes.

Peru offers a great combo for single travelers: Rich history and culture, with great food and a diverse landscape from desert to mountains and rainforest. And theres something for everyone, Lonely Planet reports, from ancient ruins to neon-lit discos!

Amsterdam is a small, lively city with great history, culture and architecture. Plus, its very walkable and theres a great biking culture, which makes it very easy to get around.

I love Amsterdam! Its one of those places I feel like I could live happily someday, Schlichter said.

Arizona offers gorgeous desert landscapes perfect for hiking and mountain biking, resorts for tennis and golf, and luxurious spas for the solo traveler looking to unwind and shake off their stress. Plus, theres southwestern art and rich Native American culture to explore.

For those looking for a little more lively adventure, Singles Travel International notes that Scottsdale and Tempe are college towns

Travel in Asia can be daunting for western travelers, given how different the culture and the language can be. And that goes double for single travelers. Thats why the editors at Independent Traveler suggest Singapore, a safe, English-speaking and easy-to-navigate island nation off the southern tip of Malaysia.

Its a great place to experience the Far East for the first time, Schlichter said.

New York
New York is such a great city for singles, much of its population is single!

You couldnt feel alone walking down Fifth Avenue! Weiler quipped. She recommends checking in with a singles organization to find out what type of singles events are going on when youre there. You could probably find an event every single night youre in the city!

A Caribbean Cruise
The Caribbean is a popular destination for couples but dont count it out for singles a singles cruise is a great way to experience the gorgeous blue Caribbean water, luxurious beaches and cool trade winds.

The sights: Of course, youre going for the beach, but there are tons of other activities. Singles Travel suggests Turks and Caicos and Jamaica for diving, Aruba and Antilles for