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Google Defeats Oracle; No Samsung, Apple Deal; Yahoo Axis Revamps Search
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Topping tech headlines on Wednesday, Google celebrated a legal victory in its patent battle with Oracle. Specifically, a jury found unanimously that Google did not infringe the two Oracle patents in question.

The decision wraps up the second phase of a trial that saw Oracle accuse Google of copying its Java code to create the Android mobile operating system.

In other patent news, settlement talks between Apple and Samsung over their own patent dispute reportedly failed to result in any agreement. The two sides met for approximately 16 hours over a two-day period, but their year-long fight rages on.

Last last night, meanwhile, Yahoo introduced new search tools under the Yahoo Axis moniker that offer up webpage previews rather than a standard list of links.

In other news, word spread that IBM is blocking block access to Apple's voice assistant Siri on iPhones that its employees are using for work purposes. Basically, IBM is concerned that Siri is storing user queries. If IBM employees use the voice assistant to search for things related to upcoming projects, could Apple get a glimpse into what IBM has up its sleeve

Also making headlines on Wednesday:

Investors Sue Facebook, Banks Over IPO: A group of investors has filed suit against Facebook and several investment banks over what they consider to be misleading information about the social network's IPO.
How the Moog Synth Changed Music: Yesterday's Robert Moog Google doodle made quite the splash. PCMag's Jamie Lendino explores Moog's legacy.
HP Announces 27,000 Layoffs in Major Restructuring Effort: Though the announcement confirms earlier rumors of a major downsizing, HP did not specify which departments would be affected by the job cuts.
Google Adding DNSChanger Malware Warnings to Search Results: The roughly half a million devices still infected with DNSChanger will receive warnings atop their search results that provide steps for removing the malicious software from their machines.
Is Elon Musk the Real-Life Tony Stark? Not So Fast.: With the week he's had, it's no surprise that folks are starting to compare billionaire genius industrialist Elon Musk with that famous character from the superhero universe boasting similar credentials, Tony Stark, otherwise known as Iron Man.
'Angry Birds Friends' Takes Flight on Facebook: Rovio's Angry Birds just got a whole lot...friendlier?
AT&T to Offer Prepaid Samsung Galaxy Appeal Smartphone: The $149.99 Samsung smartphone will be available at Walmart starting June 5 and in AT&T stores on July 15.
Google Revamps iPhone Search App: The new version brings a revamped interface, faster search results, and full-screen image searches.
Facebook Settles 'Sponsored Stories' Lawsuit: Facebook was sued last year over "Sponsored Stories," which turned users' "likes" into ads that appeared on the social network's newsfeed.
Apple's Newly Knighted Design Chief Talks Inspiration: To offer some perspective regarding the kinds of people who receive knighthoods, consider that the list includes the likes of science fiction author Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Star Trek's Sir Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard), and Virgin CEO Sir Richard Branson.

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