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7 Ideas for Summer Wedding Centerpieces
23 June 2008 02:57 am
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Centerpieces are a key element to any wedding reception. They not only add beauty and appeal to a table, they often tie the theme of the wedding together. When choosing a centerpiece, you will want to consider the theme of your wedding as well as the season of your wedding. This way, everything ties in together seamlessly.

Summer is a beautiful time of year to have a wedding. The endless colors of summer and warm temperatures make planning a summer wedding fun. There are a variety of options where you can have your summer wedding. And the centerpiece ideas are practically unlimited in the summer.

You will want your centerpieces to coordinate with the rest of your wedding. When deciding what type of centerpiece to have, you will need to consider the size of the tables you will be using, as well as the theme and colors of the wedding and most importantly, your budget.

Below are some great ideas for centerpieces for your summer wedding.

1. One of the most common centerpieces for any wedding is flowers. In the summer time, flowers are in bloom everywhere. Therefore, they are generally a less expensive way to make a beautiful and elegant centerpiece. You can simply have an arrangement of fresh cut flowers in a lovely vase setting on each table.

2. A glass pond filled with river rock will sure to be a hit at any wedding. You can add glass bubbles to the centerpieces for a simply breathtaking work of art.

3. If you are having a less formal wedding on the beach, consider using sand buckets as your centerpieces. You can fill the buckets half way full with sand and place toy shovels in the bucket.

4. If you wedding happens to be on or around 4th of July, think of using a red, white and blue theme. You can purchase small picnic baskets to use as centerpieces. Fill the baskets with red, white and blue shredded paper. For more pizzaz, you can add wine bottles and glasses to the baskets and small American flags.

5. Summer is a great time for herbs. Take ceramic pots and fill them with herbs to use as centerpieces. Some of the more beautiful herbs are lavender, rosemary and fresh mint.

6. For a night wedding, use glass bowls with floating candles. The candles will add that romantic feeling to your wedding. The candles can be shaped in a variety of different patterns, such as flowers or butterflies. You can also purchase the candles to coordinate with the color of your wedding.

7. If you are looking to add some height to your centerpieces, consider using lilies. Calla lilies are not only elegant and breathtaking, they can add flair to any centerpiece. Choose a beautiful, tall glass and fill with three buds.

You can use the above list as a good starting point for creating the perfect centerpieces for your wedding. Simply tailor the ideas to fit in with the theme and mood you have decided upon. Before you know it, you will have the perfect centerpiece to go with your perfect day.