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How to Have a Good Relationship with Your Parents
24 June 2008 08:35 am
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How often do you hear parents complaining that teenagers are rebellious and refuse to listen? As a teenager, how many times have you complained that your parents do not at all understand or are 'control freaks?' This article is very important for teenager and parents to build better teenager- parents relationship.

The relationships between parents and teenagers have been worsened. It seems like there is a gap between them as they could hardly communicate well and their conversation always end with argument. What is wrong with this relationship? Who is a culprit behind this dilemma? Is this a reflection of our society nowadays? If so, this is a sad thing. How to overcome this problem?

Well, here are some suggestions for teenagers to have a better relationship with their parents.

We should regard parents as great people as they brought us to this world. They should gain good respect from you.

We have to show our parents that we are disciplined and responsible young people. To do this, we must behave responsibly. We need to act in a more mature manner when carrying out our duties.

Obedience to parents is important. If we listen to our parents and do what they ask us to do, they will not nag us so much.

Return home early, but do not come late at night. Parents get worried when they do not know where their children are, especially if they are out after dark. If you go home late, please inform your parents.

Do not do things that your parents disapprove of. If your parents forbid you to do something, they usually have a reason for it.

Sometimes, you may feel that your parents are being unreasonable. In such cases, instead of shouting back or refusing to do what they ask, it would best if you talk to them about it.

That way, your parents will understand how you feel and they will have a chance to explain their side of things.

Treat your parents as good companions. Tell them what you think. Talk to them with your problems. Your parents will happy to offer their help.

If you know that your parents doing wrong things, do not shout or scold them. Explain to them in a soft tone. I am sure they are willing to accept for a brief explanation.

Spend at least 30 minutes to chat with your parents. This way, you may strengthen good relationships with your parents.

Do not spoil yourself by involving in crimes, drugs, alcohol and gambling. This will make your parents refuse to talk to you as parents feel embarrassed when they learned that their children involved in these unhealthy activities.

Always keep in mind that parents are places for you to harbor in your life as they love you so much. In return, we should love them for their time and compassion to bring up us as a healthy person without hoping for any returns.

If your financial is good, take good care of your parents' welfare. Fulfill their basic needs according to your financial status.

To let your parents happy, you do not have to be a great person in this world. Always visit your parents if you do not live with them. Do not abandon or leave your parents alone as they need people to talk to. Love your parents but do not betray them.

Never say bad things towards your parents as this will hurt their feeling.

Having a good relationship with your parents is a two-way thing. If you do your part, your relationship with your parents will improve and you will have fewer arguments with them. You will then notice that your parents are more understanding towards you. We can all work together to build better teenager- parents relationship.


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