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Top 10 tips for choosing the perfect wedding cake
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Top 10 tips for choosing the perfect wedding cake.

1. Budget

Set a budget straight from the beginning and be open with your cake decorator. It will make the process much easier and smoother for both parties.

2. Theme of the cake

When meeting your cake decorator for the first time, bring as much information as possible; theme of the wedding, colour of your dress, bridesmaid dress and inspiration from the room and flowers. It will make the selection easier.

3. Flavour of the cake

It doesn't have to be a traditional fruit or sponge cake. Be inspired; go for chocolate, red velvet or carrot cake and mix the layers. Make sure you taste them. Remeber it must taste as good as it looks.

4. Delivery and setting up of the wedding cake

Before confirming your order, find out who will deliver your cake on the day and more importantly who will set it up. Too many brides forget about this.

5. Serving your wedding cake as a dessert

Why not save money and let your guests enjoy your delicious cake by serving it as a dessert, instead of waiting till late in the evening when people are too busy partying.

6. Novelty wedding cakes

Think twice about ordering a novelty wedding cake. I know they can be fun and quirky, but remember, you will have to look at those pictures for the rest of your life.

7. Making your own wedding cake

Good on you to try to make your own wedding cake but remember the magic word is practice, practice, and practice even more to avoid any stress and disappointment.

8. Helping hand from family and friends

Before accepting an offer from a friend or family member to make your wedding cake, ask to see their work and taste the cakes. Be honest with them, without offending them, instead of feeling sorry on your big day.

9. Displaying your wedding cake

Too often forgotten, you must make sure you display and light your wedding cake where your guests can see it in its full glory.

10. Keeping the top tier of your wedding cake

If you're planning to keep your top tier of your wedding cake for a christening or anniversary, make sure it's a fruit cake inside. The best way to keep it is to freeze it. Your cake decorator should be able to re-ice it for you for the new occasion.


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