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Meet 'Mohawk Guy,' star of the Mars landing
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Meet the new generation at NASA: Bobak Ferdowsi, better known as "Mohawk Guy." Ferdowsi was spotted wearing a red-and-black mohawk with yellow stars dyed on the sides of his head during the U.S. space agency's overnight landing of its Mars rover, "Curiosity."

The Internet quickly turned him into a meme, superimposing text like "The Mohawk That Landed a Rover on Mars" and "Becomes an Internet sensation ... Too busy landing a robot on Mars to notice" over his images.

In case you'd forgotten, here's what the old guard at NASA looked like:

That's from the Apollo 11 landing.

Maybe the contrast, in part, explains "Mohawk Guy's" popularity.

There's an entire Tumblr blog dedicated to Ferdowsi, and several recreations of his likeness, including one that looks to be done in watercolors (but that might just be Instagram). And BuzzFeed has at least a half-dozen images of him on its site, from "Busy Bobak" to "Teamwork Bobak" and "Talking Bobak," which links to this video of him talking about Saturn (to some really bizarre music).

Source By John D. Sutter, CNN


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