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Let it all out: Why fights can be good for your relationship
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Most of us have been conditioned to think about fights as a negative part of being in a relationship, and that fighting means theres something wrong with your partnership. But not all fights are created equal and sometimes they can actually be healthy for your relationship. And were not just talking about the make-up sex afterwards.

They clear the air
It can be easy to hold grudges in relationships and stay mad about things that dont actually get discussed. A fight can clear the air of all that relationship baggage and get it out in the open where it can be discussed and dealt with. Whether its your frustration that he never cleans up, or the fact that you always have to figure out what to make for dinner while he taps away on his laptop, the more you harbor those little annoyances, the bigger they can get. A fight is sometimes the best way to move past all of the things building up that should be worked on rather than ignored.

They test your communication skills
Good communication is the cornerstone to any healthy relationship, but its easy to get complacent and neglect the skills you need to stay connected and compromise effectively. Having the odd fight forces you to dig deep and figure out ways to communicate your feelings in a way that your partner understands (and that doesnt escalate the fight). Fighting all the time isnt good, but once in a while, an over-the-top argument will test your communication skills and help you find new ways to get your point across.

They can relieve tension
Feeling stressed? Not sure what the problem is? Sometimes a fight can blow through built-up tension and pave the way for a much calmer day or evening between the two of you. Maybe youve both been tense about work stress or things happening at home but havent had time to discuss. A fight will cut right through it and ideally, give you a chance to reconnect minus the stress you were dealing with.