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What Is the Most Important Thing in Your Life?
27 July 2008 04:12 am
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What is the most important thing in your life? You may think my business, or family, or money, but one of the most important areas of your life as a entrepreneur and savvy business person or any person in todays high stress life is your health. Without it you will have nothing.

Almost eight years ago, I had what doctors at the time said was a heart attack (Yes, I was lucky, I was the one out of every two women, who have a heart attack and live.) The doctors are amazed that I survived and within five months I was no longer requiring four medicines they said I would have to take the rest of my life.

Today, I have doctors tell me that they dont think I really had a heart attack. Of course they did not see me when I could hardly walk up the steps to my house. I would crash when I came in the door from a day of teaching. When I woke up in the mornings, I hurt from the head down. Forcing my body up was a chore. I thought this is what getting old was and accepted it. When the doctor told me that I had to change my life style or die, I thought to myself, I guess Im going to die, because there is no way I can change my life, my eating habits, or get out and exercise.

My routine started at 4:30 in the morning. I left home at 5:15 in the morning and traveled through rush hour traffic (not good on the heart with all the stress.) both ways for a three to four (with out accidents) hour commute each day. Working in a high stress school situation (our school set between two large Los Angeles rival street gangs), were most of the students spoke and read little English, and lived in low poverty levels homes, with parents who had little or no education to help support them with their homework. My heart was continuous torn with the knowledge of my students daily struggles to even exist and my how limited my efforts to lift them up by providing as much education as possible in the short time I had them was. Fast food, long days, limited exercise (as if I had energy for it) and continuous stress had put me on the ropes, so to speak.

I had little hope at that point. Some days, retirement could not come fast enough and I really hoped I lived to see it. Fortunately, when I went home from my hospital stay, the first one to greet me was my little grandson. One look at his sweet little face and the love in his eyes changed my mind. God, I want to live. I will change! I want to watch this little one grow-up. A few days later a friend came by with some new products (Bless her, she could sell ice to Eskimos, and I would be there right beside her.) she had gotten into. My first words were Miriam, Ill try them, but I am not going to sell them. The samples and other products of this health company were the key to a new healthy lifestyle. Not only that, but I had so many people asking me for help to help them get healthy, I had to get into the company. I started walking up the mountain behind my house and now I walk and even run.

I know longer wake-up in pain. I take my grandchildren for flashlight walks after a long day and enjoy each minute. What I just told you is to encourage you to look at several facts and hopefully help you rethink what you are doing to your own body. Remember your body is the only one you have. You can feel better and look better inside and outside. Doctors tell me that in seven years your body in completely new. The old cells are gone and you are made up of different cells, so you are really a new person, body-wise. Are you more concerned about the outside than your inside? Health starts on the inside and works its way out. You cannot buy good health, you have to work on it daily. If you wish to achieve your goals and dreams, start with your own health. You will find that as you feed your body healthier foods and exercise, you will have more energy, think more clearly, be able to work better, and enjoy your life.

You may find it helps you make wiser decisions that will make your business grow. It will help you draw people to you as you are more energized. People are intrigued with people who are happy, healthy, and they want what makes you successful. One of the greatest reasons to work on your health is to allow you to be there for your family. They need you now and in the future. Eating better and moderate exercise rejuvenates your body so you feel more able to be there for your loved ones. You want to enjoy the fruits of you labors in you daily life and be in good condition to enjoy them in your golden years. Will you be one in the active groups that can enjoy all the delights of the future in good health? If you are not eating good fresh fruits and vegetable, lean meats, and other nourishing foods, you need to start. Exercise by just walking a little farther each day.

Dont start out and try to walk ten miles. Start small and add a few more steps. Slow and study will win the race. I started just going about twenty to forty feet farther. Within about a month, I was walking a mile up a steep mountain road. What a great day it was when I made it to the top with out praying that I would make it. My body was moving and enjoying it. I shouted with gratitude and joy! Remember, if you take care of your body, your body will take care of you. I hope you will check out your health and do what you can to improve it. Hippocrates the Father of Modern Medicine said Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food.