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Sleiman denounces violence in Egypt, Syria
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President Michel Sleiman Tuesday condemned all actions that harm religious coexistence in the Arab world. Following clashes around Cairo’s Coptic cathedral, which Egypt’s Health Ministry said left at least 90 people wounded, Sleiman said in a statement that “we denounce all actions that offend the long history of coexistence among all the components of Arab societies, especially in Egypt.”

Urging all parties in Egypt to “cling to the core of religion, which all call for fraternity, compassion and love,” Sleiman called for a “moderate way of thinking rather than the fundamentalist way.”

The incident at the seat of the Coptic pope was one of the worst sectarian flare-ups since the fall of President Hosni Mubarak in 2011. Sleiman also denounced the “terrorist explosion that killed 15 civilians in the Syrian capital Monday,” reiterating his call “for dialogue among all Syrian parties to reach a consensus political resolution away from violence and the dangers of fundamentalism and fragmentation.”


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