Jumblatt denounces suspicious bombings in Damascus...

Jumblatt denounces suspicious bombings in Damascus

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt denounced Wednesday the suspicious terrorist bombings that have taken place in Damascus.

I strongly denounce the suspicious terrorist attacks that took place in Damascus, that raise many question marks on different levels, said Jumblatt in a statement.

The PSP leader, a strong supporter of the rebels fighting against the Syrian regime, said such attacks are rejected whoever is behind them.

Targeting civilians and innocent people is completely rejected as it increases the tragedies experienced by the Syrian people for two years, he added.

The PSP chief also slammed the international community for failing to support the Syrian opposition against the Syrian regime.

The international community has failed to assume responsibility in offering enough support to the legitimate and recognized Syrian opposition to allow it to change the balance of power inside Syria, and ultimately bring down the regime. Jumblatt said.

He added that the destructive Syrian war has reached a point where all possible solutions have come to a deadlock.

source www.dailystar.com.lb