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Six wounded by Syrian airstrike on Lebanon: Arsal official
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Six people were wounded Thursday when Syrian warplanes attacked an area in northeast Lebanon, Arsals deputy mayor and residents told The Daily Star.

Ahmad al-Fliti said two missiles targeted Seeraj al-Ajram, four kilometers northeast of Arsal, adding that the wounded were Syrians.

The Lebanese Red Cross and ambulances belonging to local charities transferred the wounded to nearby hospitals.

Residents confirmed the incident and said Seeraj al-Ajram has been used to smuggle goods including fuel between Lebanon and Syria.

The municipality official also said that a woman was killed but was taken into Syria.

Syria has bombarded several border areas east of Lebanon particularly on the outskirts of Arsal targeting smuggling routes along the border.

Damascus has warned Beirut it would attack suspected rebel sites if incursions from across the border didnt cease.

Earlier Thursday, President Michel Sleiman said recent Syrian strikes on east and north Lebanon are unjustified after reports showed that the targets were non-military.

It was established that the shelling did not target military goals. Moreover, there are no reasons or justifications for [the bombardment], Sleiman said in a statement.

Sleimans remarks came following a meeting with the head of the Lebanese Army, Gen. Jean Kahwagi, who briefed him on reports of last weeks Syrian airstrikes on the outskirts of the Bekaa town of Arsal, as well as artillery shelling of Dababiyeh in the northern region of Akkar.

The statement said Sleiman asked the Foreign Ministry to take the necessary measures, after Kahwagi provides them with the documents.