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Geagea seeks end to Hezbollah role in Syria
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Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea urged authorities to put an end to Hezbollah’s role in the violence in neighboring Syria for fear it could have a “catastrophic” impact on Lebanon.

“I call on Lebanese authorities to demand from Hezbollah to immediately stop sending fighters to Syria, because its involvement there threatens catastrophic repercussions for Lebanon,” Geagea told the local daily An-Nahar in remarks published Thursday.

He said recent news coming from Syria indicate the magnitude of Hezbollah’s involvement in the unrest in Lebanon’s neighbor, adding that “this is very worrisome.”

Geagea accused Hezbollah of dragging Lebanese into the Syria conflict against their will.

“Where is Hezbollah taking itself, or the young men of the Shiite community or Lebanon or the Lebanese against their will?”

He also called on the “wise men” among the Shiite sect in Lebanon to “put an end to drag the Shiite community and, therefore Lebanon, in the bloody [Syria] conflict.”


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