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PSP to challenge electoral deadlines suspension: minister
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MP Walid Jumblatts National Struggle Front bloc is seeking to challenge the draft law approved by Parliament earlier this week that called for suspending candidacies for the upcoming elections, caretaker Social Affairs Minister Wael Abu Faour said.

The National Struggle Front MPs, along with other lawmakers, are seeking to challenge the draft law suspending the electoral deadlines to preserve the constitution and the elections, said Abu Faour in remarks published Sunday.

Several of the deadlines that were suspended included major constitutional violations, he added.

On Saturday, Caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel issued a decree that suspended the deadline for submitting election nominations until May 19, followed by a three week period in which potential candidates can apply.

According to the decree, the Interior Ministry will resume accepting nominations on May 20 and until May 25.

The decree stipulates that candidates seeking to withdraw their nominations should do so before June 1.

Charbel issued the decree a day after President Michel Sleiman approved the amendments to the 1960 electoral law.

With the exception of Jumblatts parliamentary bloc, lawmakers voted to pass the extension of the deadline during a legislative session in Parliament on Wednesday.

Abu Faour described the current stage as crucial and urged all political parties to take clear stances.

We have reached a decisive stage that forces us either to agree on a new law. and the only available law is the hybrid [law], or let political parties settle their choices and state who want the elections to be held on time or who wants them to be politically postponed, he added.

There is no margin for further [political] maneuvers and the political realities and real stances of different parties will soon be revealed.