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Sleiman urges MPs to finalize elections law
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President Michel Sleiman urged lawmakers Friday to devote their energies toward finalizing an electoral law for the upcoming polls rather than trading accusations and insults.

Sleiman called on MPs to embark on finalizing a new electoral law instead of wasting time in political bickering and exchanging accusations and insulting words, according to a statement from the president's office.

This was an apparent reference to the spat between Christian rivals Samir Geagea and Michel Aoun over the controversial Orthodox Gathering electoral draft law.

Aoun accused Geagea of reneging on Christian consensus over the Orthodox proposal.

His comments came shortly before a meeting at Baabda Palace with Irans Vice President for Constitutional Affairs Mohammadreza Mir Tajeddini during which talks focused on the value of applying constitutional norms in the wake of this summers elections.

Sleiman also warned against postponing the June elections or extending Parliaments term.

Tajeddini held separate talks with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri.

Talks tackled bilateral ties and ways of boosting cooperation between Lebanon and Iran, Tajeddini said.

The Iranian official said the crisis in Syria was also among the topics addressed with Berri.

We in the Islamic Republic of Iran and since the beginning of the crisis have had a fixed stance ... that the crisis must be resolved politically and through political dialogue between the opposition and the state of Syria, Tajeddine told reporters in Parliament.