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Ghosn: Army has green light to act in Tripoli
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Caretaker Defense Minister Fayez Ghosn said Wednesday that all politicians have given their full support to the Lebanese Army in order to carry out their work in the northern city of Tripoli where battles between supporters and opponent of President Bashar Assad have raged since the weekend.

The army is playing an important role in the northern city ... It was given the green light by the political forces to do what is necessary, Ghosn told the voice of Lebanon radio station.

Ghosn also called on officials to live up to their responsibilities and lift the political cover from those who are meddling in the city's security.

He also described the fighting in Lebanons second-largest city as a repercussion from the crisis in neighboring Syria.

What is happening in the north is odd to the residents of the region and it is a reflection of the developments in neighboring Syria, he said.