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EU-GCC condemn Hezbollah's involvement in Syria
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The Gulf Cooperation Council and the European Union slammed Sunday Hezbollah's involvement in Syria's war.

In a statement after the 23rd session of the EU-GCC Council meeting in Manama, attendees condemned "the participation of Hezbollah and other foreign forces in military operations in Syria."

Meanwhile, GCC ministers said in their annual meeting Saturday that Hezbollahs involvement in Syria is obstructing efforts for a political resolution to the conflict in the war-torn country and expressed concern over the repercussions of Syrias crisis on Lebanons stability.

In a meeting held in Manama over the weekend, ministers said Hezbollahs continued involvement in Syria hindered holding another conference to restore peace.

The attendees called for putting an end to the interference of Hezbollahs militia in Syria under the banner of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said earlier this month that his party had decided to fight alongside the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad in order to prevent the fall of a major backer of his resistance movement.

The party played a major role in driving Syrian rebels out of the strategic town of Qusair which fell under government control in June.

GCC ministers reiterated their call for the Lebanese state to abide by the dissociation policy towards events in Syria and prevent any party from interfering in the affairs of the country's neighbor.

GCC members are expected to meet next week in Riyadh to discuss how to impose sanctions on Hezbollah members after deciding to crack down on people affiliated with the group in Gulf countries.