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EDL Contract Workers Stage Sit-in amid Self-Immolation
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Electricite du Liban contract workers held a sit-in and blocked the highway near the company's headquarters in Beirut on Monday to protest an urgent draft-law on their employment put on the agenda of a parliamentary session.

One contract worker identified as Hussein Allam set himself on fire but was rushed to Geitawi hospital. Two others suffered burns in their hands.

Bilal Bajouq, a member of the contract workers' follow-up committee, told LBCI TV that the workers were protesting the urgent draft-law which he said contradicted the agreement they had reached with the government of Prime Minister Najib Miqati when they lifted their 95-day sit-in last year.

This draft-law takes us back to the starting point, he said. We were surprised when a few days ago it was put on the agenda.

All we want is to send a message to all the MPs . that our opinions should be taken into consideration, Bajouq said.

We hope that the previous draft-law would be adopted, he added.

The controversial full-time employment of the contract workers sparked a dispute last year, when they went on strike to press their demands.

But a settlement that included a six-point agreement ended their sit-in in August, 2012.