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March 14: Kidnap of Turks harms Beirut airports reputation
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The March 14 General Secretariat said Friday the early morning abduction of two Turkish Airlines pilots in Beirut damaged the reputation of the airport as unsafe for passengers.

[The incident is] ... extremely dangerous because it runs the risk of listing Beirut airport, which is the lifeblood of Lebanon, on the list of dangerous and unsafe airports, the group said in a statement.

It added that the abduction aims primarily at serving a blow to the Lebanese state's credibility in preserving the country's safety and its relations with Arab and foreign countries.

Two Turkish Airlines pilots were abducted Friday morning as they made their way from Rafik Hariri International Airport to their hotel.

A group claimed responsibility for the kidnapping, demanding the release of Lebanese hostages in Syria in exchange for the Turkish nationals.

The March 14 alliance also said that the abduction would have repercussions on Lebanese in the country and abroad.

It asked the Lebanese sate to put an end to such acts and work on returning the Turkish citizens to their embassy in Beirut immediately.