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Suleiman Calls for Disassociating Lebanon from Regional Interests
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President Michel Suleiman urged Saturday disassociating Lebanon from regional interests, calling also for the formation of a new cabinet and the resumption of national dialogue sessions.

"Amid all the dangers threatening the country, I call on all factions without any exception to disassociate Lebanon from regional interests, Suleiman said in a televised speech on Saturday night.

I urge putting national interests first, he added.

We demand transcending international considerations to avoid losing the opportunity of peace and stability in the country.

The president's statement comes one day after two deadly explosions rocked the northern city of Tripoli, killing at least 45 people and wounding 900 others.

Suleiman considered that forming a new cabinet and taking part in national dialogue sessions would prevent divisions and fighting in the country.

"Participation in national dialogue should be done without any previously set conditions, he remarked.

He also urged political and religious figures in the country to adopt a "moderate" approach in their speeches.

"They must all go back to adopting and abiding by the Baabda Declaration, to secure the higher national interest and to be in harmony with the stance of the majority of the Lebanese.

The head of the state ordered military and security authorities to "maximize the level of alert."

"These bodies should pursue criminals and terrorists that are threatening the security and the safety of the Lebanese, he elaborated.

Addressing the Lebanese, Suleiman said they should preserve their unity and solidarity.

"We also call on the citizens to cooperate with security bodies and to report any suspicious activities that might threaten public safety, he added.

Suleiman ended his speech warning against the country turning into a prey in the international game.

"The collapse of Lebanon terminates the idea of religious coexistence between different sects and threatens the presence of diversity.

Prior to his speech, Suleiman had discussed the latest security developments in the country with caretaker premier Najib Miqati, caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel and several security officials.