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Charbel: Same Assailants behind Ruwais, Tripoli Bombings
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Caretaker Interior Minister Marwan Charbel stressed that the security forces are doing their utmost in order to thwart attempts to create strife in Lebanon, reported the Kuwait daily al-Seyassah on Sunday.

He told the daily: The same perpetrators are behind the Ruwais and Tripoli bombings.

He also voiced his fears that more bombings will take place in Lebanon, saying that some difficulties are preventing authorities from imposing security throughout the country.

No country in the world can completely ensure its own security, clarified Charbel.

Investigations are ongoing to determine the assailants and arrest them, he added.

Strife is being devised for the whole of Lebanon and not just the region, he said.

Powerful car bombs exploded outside two Sunni mosques in the northern city of Tripoli on Friday.

The first bomb struck in the city center at the al-Salam mosque as worshipers were still inside.

The second explosion struck just minutes later outside al-Taqwa mosque, about two kilometers away, near the port.

Caretaker Premier Najib Miqati announced that the explosions killed 35 people and wounded 900 others, including 110 in a critical condition.

A bombing shook the Ruwais neighborhood in Beirut's southern suburbs on August 16, killing 27 people and wounding 336 others.