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Beach Wedding Tips
27 December 2007 06:27 am
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When you start to plan your wedding day you may find that there is location specific planning that requires to be done and a beach wedding possibly needs the most location specific attention. A beach wedding is quite possibly one of the most romantic and memorable ways to start your life together and you really don't want your day needlessly spoiled.

Apart from the obvious wedding day considerations there are one or two tips that may help you perfect your beach wedding and ensure happy memories for all.

Bugs and Insects.

Make sure that you are aware of what bugs and insects to expect at your chosen beach wedding location. Mosquitoes can become quite a problem on many beaches and you don't want you or your guest to spend time flapping them away or to end up with a multitude of bites. Lighting citronella candles and/or providing your guests with bug repellent are two very good options.


The sound of gently lapping waves is said to be very relaxing however waves loudly crashing on rocks don't do a lot for relaxation or for hearing a wedding ceremony! Make sure that where the ceremony will take place is quiet enough for all your guest to hear what is going on. Another good tip is to ensure you stay above the tide line, no one really wants swept off their feet by the incoming sea.

Footwear and Beach Quality

Anyone who has ever tried to walk along a beach in heels will tells you its not easy so many bride and grooms who opt for beach weddings decide on bare feet and a casual approach on their day. This does of course depend on the beach quality. Many beach wedding locations have endless miles of white soft sand but not all. Some will have beautiful shells that glisten in the sunlight but nonetheless are sharp on bare feet. In these locations wedding sandals should be a consideration.

Heat and Glare

The majority of beach weddings are held on beaches that have little or no shade so time of day should be a major consideration in your wedding planning. Bear in mind that the closer to mid-day the hotter its will be. In many beach wedding locations the sand gets really hot at certain times of the day and can be painful to walk on.

This is also a consideration for your wedding photographs, as you don't want pictures of you squinting all the time. The reflection of the sun on the sea can also add glare and make life a little more difficult for your photographer. All in all many people planning beach weddings opt for early morning weddings or for their wedding to be held at dusk which can be very romantic with the backdrop of the setting sun.


Sand is not the easiest of mediums to walk on and even though you may have very fond memories of run over sand dunes as a child in the adult world this seem much more difficult. Dried grass walkways can help to stabilise the sand and creating a boardwalk can provide a very stable environment for the more elderly. Bear in mind that you are unlikely to be able to put chairs on the beach so your guests may have to stand for the whole ceremony.

These five tips should enable you to have the perfect beach wedding and a day to cherish for the rest of your lives together


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