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Original Bob Marley Records 'Disappear' From Archives
10 January 2008 05:39 am
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Original recordings by reggae star Bob Marley are among thousands of records which have gone missing from the archives of the former Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation.

Concerns are growing that the collection of 1970s music, which also included original songs by Peter Tosh, may have been stolen.

Gladstone Wilson, a former programme manager at JBC, called the loss a national disgrace.

Wilson is among a number of musicians and former JBC employees who have blamed the government for failing to manage the archives, reports AP.

Its understood that the rare collection, which also included footage from the One Love Peace Concert in 1978, was to be used to help launch the newly-formed Public Broadcasting Corp of Jamaica, the JBC's replacement.

A spokesperson for the Jamaican Government admitted that the disappearance was a loss for the countrys history.