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No Williams tour 'any time soon'
10 January 2008 05:46 am
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Robbie Williams has told fans he is not planning any live shows at the moment.

The 33-year-old singer wrote on his official blog that "there definitely won't be a tour any time soon" as his last tour "nearly killed" him.

The star added he also had no plans to release a "proper album" until 2009, but would be releasing some sort of material this year.

Williams' last album, Rudebox, was panned by critics and its first single only reached number four in the UK.

"There will be some kind of something this year," Williams wrote on his website.

'Sorry folks'

"I might just put the B-sides to the next album out first online. Then put an album out in 2009. Which means you won't be seeing a lot of me on stage for a while. Sorry folks."

He added: "I do have to say, the more time I'm spending away from public life, the more I like it. Unfortunately I have a massive competitive urge that wants me to put out three albums a year."

Williams spent much of 2007 out of the public spotlight after spending three weeks in rehab for a dependency to prescription drugs at the beginning of the year.

The former Take That star also admitted to fans he had put on weight over the festive period: "Christmas was a glutton feast - I neither fit into my pop star trousers or my bed for that matter.

"And with this bad back and gammy knee, exercise is a bit of a problem - so expect me to look like Brian Blessed in a tabloid near you soon."


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