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Guns N' Roses release confirmed
23 October 2008 06:52 am
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Guns N' Roses' long delayed album Chinese Democracy has finally been given a UK release date.

The record, which has been over a decade in the making, will be available in record stores on 24 November.

The announcement comes a day after the self-titled lead single received its first worldwide airplay on Sara Cox's show on Radio 1.

The LP was scheduled for a US release on 23 November but a UK date had not been officially confirmed until now.

Produced by Axl Rose and Caram Costanzo, Chinese Democracy features 14 tracks.

Two of the album's songs have already been released.

Shackler's Revenge recently debuted on the soundtrack of video game Rock Band 2.

The film Body of Lies, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe, also used the track If The World.

The band's last record, their covers collection The Spaghetti Incident?, came out in 1993.

Earlier this year, the band took legal action against blogger Kevin Cogill who leaked some of the album's tracks online.

This week, he pleaded not guilty to breaking copyright laws at a Los Angeles court.


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