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Annie Lennox dropped by Sony BMG
15 January 2008 05:55 am
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Annie Lennox has been sensationally dropped by her record label.
The former Eurythmics star, one of the most successful female artists in history, branded the snub "a kick in the teeth" after Sony BMG executives ignored her.

Lennox - whose contract with the label was due to expire in a few weeks - said: "They totally ignored me. They didn't even pick up my phone calls or emails for three weeks. It was bizarre."

The 53-year-old singer - whose latest album 'Songs of Mass Destruction' reached number seven in the UK charts last November - wants to take a career break before deciding what to do next.

She said: "It feels like I'm spent, as if I'm completely out of energy. I'll take time to figure out what to do now."

The 'Who's That Girl' singer recently claimed her "dark-side" made her a success.

She said: "The world has never been a light place for me. I don't think it ever will be. I know people who are naturally sunny - they take things so smoothly and easily and they don't have a dark side.

It's not immensely self-destructive, and my creativity is fed by it, but it's always there. I don't want to be dark."


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