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Christina Aguilera gets artist help on new album
10 November 2008 04:24 am
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Christina Aguilera brings in Sia Furler, Goldfrapp and Ladytron to collaborate with her on her fourth studio album, which she'll continue to work on in 2009.

Speaking to reporters Aguilera acknowledged influence on "You Are What You Are," a moody, ambient remake of her hit "Beautiful" from the upcoming "Keeps Getting Better: A Decade of Hits" and confirmed the Zero 7 associate and solo artist will be working with her on the new album.

"I'm definitely a fan of Sia's," said Aguilera, who previously told Billboard about her desire to pursue a more "futuristic" sound on the album. "I was thrilled she also wanted to work together and, in turn, was a fan of mine."

Aguilera said they plan to enter the studio in January but are "setting the wheels in motion now ... I'm not exactly sure what we're gonna get when we get in the studio together, but (as) with all great things I'll go in and there's probably magic to be had."

Aguilera said she's been listening to "a lot" of Sia, Goldfrapp and Ladytron during the past year, which impacted not only "You Are What You Are" but also the "Genie in a Bottle" revamp "Genie 2.0" and the two new songs on "Keeps Getting Better": the title track and "Dynamite."

Aguilera also hinted at other collaborations by saying there's "nothing I can give away now, but there's always somebody that I'm inspired by to work with. I have to keep under wraps who that would be, just 'cause I always like the element of surprise."


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