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Madonna beats Winehouse to sing next Bond theme
03 December 2008 05:06 am
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As 007s latest outing Quantum of Solace becomes the highest-grossing film of all time and Madonna marks her 50th birthday (and quickie divorce from Guy Ritchie) with the epic Sticky and Sweet tour, their mutual success has got the public wanting to reunite the pair, with 22 per cent voting Madge as the best person for the Bond theme job.

Despite underwhelming critics and the public alike with her Bond debut, Die Another Day in 2002, over 4,000 respondents to the 2008 Music Choice Survey are willing to give Madge another chance, listing her as the artist they would most like to record the signature tune for Britains favourite spy.

Amy Winehouse who was due to sing the most recent Bond theme until she fell out with co-writer Mark Ronson - comes in closely behind the Queen of Pop with 16 per cent and Rihanna makes up the top three with a respectful 13 per cent.

And it seems Robbie Williams fans havent quite deserted him yet, with the ex-Take-That dreamboat coming in as a surprise fourth favourite with 10 per cent.

X-Factor star Leona Lewis pips fellow divas Tina Turner and Celine Dion for what we suspect is not the last time in her blossoming career, yet all three came in behind Welsh lovely Duffy, who won 6 per cent of votes to come joint 5th in the poll. Interestingly, there is an equal UK/US split of nationalities, with Europeans marginally outranking US stars from across the pond.

Britney continues her comeback making the top 10 just behind Beyonce, who appears on the list in 9th place. The bootylicious star is better known for her part in spy comedy Austin Powers Goldmember, but the survey shows that 4 per cent of fans would like to see her in the real thing.

Top 10 favourites to sing the next Bond song are as follows:

1. Madonna 22 per cent
2. Amy Winehouse 16 per cent
3. Rihanna 13 per cent
4. Robbie Williams 10 per cent
5. Metallica/ U2 7 per cent
6. Duffy 6 per cent
7. Leona Lewis 5 per cent
8. Tina Turner/ Celine Dion 4 per cent
9. Beyonce 3 per cent
10. Britney Spears 2 per cent
Others: 12 per cent

If you believe Bond deserves to spy to a different tune or you simply want your say on other music hot topics, head to and have your say.

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