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This car seems alive. The engine crests 6,800 revolutions per minute and the entire frame of the Honda Accord coupe thrums as if awaiting release. My left foot drops onto the clutch and I shift to third.

There's nothing exotic about electric vehicles not now that every automaker has dabbled in or built a handful, and hundreds of homebuilt EV conversions roam the roads.

Its predecessor is widely agreed to be among the most beautiful sports cars ever made and Wednesday Jaguar showed it was trying to go one better than the glory days of the 1960s with the new F-Type.

Fall is always an exciting time to shop for a new car. It marks the start of the new model year, when the latest cars and trucks begin rolling out of factories and on to dealer lots. But the 2013 model year is shaping up to be better than most, with more than 30 all-new nameplates headed to showrooms and many existing models being thoroughly reinvented.

At just over $2 million Lamborghini's Sesto Elemento is one of the most expensive cars the automaker has ever built.

The $579,000 Conquest Evade looks like it could withstand a cruise missile

When Porsche first launched the Porsche Boxster in 1996, the little brother of the 911 came off as a consolation prize for owners who couldn't afford the "real" Porsche sports car. But with the 2013 Boxster, Porsche has crafted a car that's almost good enough to generate sibling rivalry.

Tell me what you want, what you really, really want, sang former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham before she signed on as a spokes-celebrity for Land Rover. And now, apparently, shes ready to answer her own question.

Ever thought of taking a rip-roaring road trip to Neo-Tokyo on the back of a futuristic motorcycle?

The i8 Concept Spyder hybrid will go from 0 to 60 in 5 seconds and get incredible gas mileage.

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