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About one out of every four Facebook users lies on their profile, and not just to impress that guy or gal who wouldn't date them in high school.

As Facebook barrels toward its IPO, one of its biggest lightening-rod issues privacy is drawing a fresh spotlight. A Consumer Reports study released this week estimates that 13 million American Facebook users have never set or simply don't know about the site's privacy controls.

Buying a home video game console may soon become a lot more like buying a cell phone, according to a new report suggesting Microsoft is planning to offer a subsidized, $99 bundle including a 4GB Xbox 360 and Kinect sensor to anyone who commits to two years of a new, $15 monthly online service package.

As Facebook has become more hegemonic, about a quarter of its users have started crafting fake personae, fudging some personal details on the social network in order to, they say, protect their privacy and data, according to a new Consumer Reports survey.

Instagram has had a big, big, big last couple of weeks: Its Android app dropped at the beginning of April, and Facebook recently acquired the photo-sharing service for a whopping $1 billion.

There's a favorite pastime these days in tech startup circles bashing Groupon. The once-hot daily deals kingpin is being slammed for everything from accounting shenanigans to lack of internal controls and overspending to grow its business.

Parents are helping their children to set up under-age profiles on social networking site Facebook, Children's Minister Tim Loughton has said.

Children growing up in the digital age are facing a set of dangers that previous generations never had to grapple with. How can we ensure our young stay safe online?

Companies that do not do enough to keep their websites secure are to be named and shamed to help improve security.The list of good and bad sites will be published regularly by the non-profit Trustworthy Internet Movement (TIM).

I make a living encouraging politicians and candidates to use social media.And now I'm going to tell them why it's a bad idea. Not always, mind you social media will, and should, continue to play an important role in our political discourse.

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