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Twitter says it has more than 100 million active users a pretty impressive chunk of the online population who are, if nothing else, checking in to see what other people are sharing.

E-mail can be a lovely way to connect, an easy and instant medium for getting back or keeping in touch, a canvas for hellos and sorrys and XOXOs.

One self-admitted addict says his relationship with the social network has "hit bottom."

Fears over the security of Facebook have emerged as the social networking site has made their new Timeline mandatory- a change which can help thieves or identity frauds", according to a tech security expert.

Facebook may finally be ready to go public.Facebook is planning to file IPO registration papers next Wednesday, according to the The Wall Street Journal. Few additional details so far, except that Morgan Stanley (MS) is expected to be lead underwriter with Goldman Sachs (GS) "also likely to play a major role.

Online social networking site Twitter said Thursday it will begin deleting users' tweets in countries that require it but it will still keep those deleted tweets visible to the rest of the world. The move is significant because, until now, the only way Twitter could comply with countries' limits was to remove the content globally.

Facebook announced in a blog post Tuesday that Timeline will be coming to all users in the next few weeks. According to a Facebook blog post Tuesday or rather, an update to the post published when Timeline became available to all users you will have seven days to preview your Timeline and hide content you don't want out in the open.

The online realm is replete with a vast cornucopia of information, just waiting to provide the hungry masses with nourishing nuggets of knowledge or (as in "The Hunger Games") scary-ass weapons of mass destruction.

Megaupload, the file-sharing website shut down Thursday by the U.S. federal government, is a Web hosting tool that now finds itself accused of being an online haven for digital pirates.

Google's infant social network experienced a recent growth spurt. Google+ has more than 90 million registered users, Google CEO Larry Page said during the company's earnings presentation on Thursday. That more than doubles the 40 million that Google reported in October.

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