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With $43 billion of cash in its coffers, Google can afford to spend millions on companies just to mine them for talent.

In the wake of Google alum Marissa Mayer's surprise hiring as CEO, variations of the same question are popping up again and again: What can be done to turn once-mighty Yahoo around?

This week's announcement that Yahoo is hiring away Google executive Marissa Mayer as its latest CEO has been met by both Wall Street and the tech industry with yawns or worse.

This week, 37-year-old Marissa Mayer became CEO of Yahoo, an internet provider with many problems, although an audience isn't one of them the company claims more than half a billion people currently access its products a month, and Mayer told the New York Times she considers it "one of the best brands on the internet."

Marissa Mayer, who was Google's first female engineer and its 20th employee when she joined that company in 1999, has been named CEO of Yahoo.

Microsoft has gotten caught up once again in an antitrust battle over its Internet Explorer browser and this time, it could cost the company billions.

07-17-12 the product of a nearly two decade long, odd-couple partnership between NBC and Microsoft (MSFT, Fortune 500) is now fully under NBC's roof. Comcast (CMCSA), the media giant's parent company, bought Microsoft's 50% share in the online news site. The deal was completed late Friday and announced on Monday.

Google's first female engineer, Marissa Mayer, has made a career out of bucking expectations and she did so once again on Monday by announcing she will leave Google to be the new CEO of Yahoo, the struggling company that once was Google's main competitor.

The United Arab Emirates has opened and begun operating a key overland pipeline which bypasses the Strait of Hormuz.

Is a life without credit cards possible? Is a life without credit cards better? Credit cards are such a part of our everyday society that sometimes we dont even stop and think before we accept our first one.

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