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Debt, for many people today, is simply a fact of life. It's the way they pay for just about everything from big-ticket items like homes and cars to daily purchases like petrol and chocolate bars.

The 40 richest individuals on Earth lost a combined $6.2 billion yesterday as stocks dropped amid disappointing U.S. earnings, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a daily ranking of the wealthiest people.

Ever since Facebook filed to go public in February, thereís been a lot of speculation over when, exactly, the company would make its market debut.

Hold the phone! Amazon announced Tuesday that it has purchased the North American rights to Ian Fleming's James Bond books. James Bond, of course, is the debonair British superspy 007, whose bestselling books have become an iconic big-screen movie franchise.

Volkswagen AG (VOW)ís Audi (NSU) will purchase Italian motorcycle maker Ducati Motor Holding SpA to add luxury two-wheelers ridden by celebrities such as Brad Pitt to the German automakerís portfolio.

Whatís cooler than a billion dollars? A billion dollars without board approval.The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Facebookís acquisition of mobile photo sharing app Instagram was pursued by Mark Zuckerberg alone, with board members notified only hours before the deal was set to close. According to one source, the board "was told, not consulted."

Japan's Toshiba Corporation has agreed to buy IBM's point-of-sale (POS) business in a deal worth $850m (£534m; 649m euros).

New Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson is the latest leader to promise a splashy turnaround and though it's an old party line by now, the earnings for his first full quarter on the job were upbeat.

Nokia has six months to redeem itself with Windows Phone, analysts warn, before it needs to find a ďPlan BĒ other than Microsoftís platform. After dire financial warnings earlier this week, in which Nokia not only confirmed that Symbian device sales were ditching, but that Lumia Windows Phone sales were only a fifth of those Symbian volumes, the outlook for the company is grim.

Shares in Nokia plunged 17% after the mobile phone giant suprised investors by saying it expected to make losses in the first half of 2012.

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