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United Arab Emirates stock markets closed up on Monday, the first day of trading after the Dubai World conglomerate announced an agreement with creditor banks to restructure billions of dollars of debt.

Mobile phone giant Nokia is to lose its second high-profile executive in less than a week.

Twitter marketing is the latest concept that has emerged in the field of marketing. Using Twitter has become the latest fad amongst the youngsters. Its increasing popularity is the main reason behind media marketers getting attracted towards the discipline of Twitter marketing.

You may soon find yourself paying more for your morning coffee if you aren't already.

If you are a professional who thinks foreign cultures are made more interesting by the chance to make a quick buck, then Russia might be the country for you.

Finland's Nokia has appointed Microsoft business manager Stephen Elop as its new chief executive.

Does anyone care about Yahoo anymore? Sure, Yahoo (YHOO, Fortune 500) still has a boatload (to use a favorite term of Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz) of users. I still go to Yahoo Finance a lot, for example. Ditto for Yahoo Mail. And I do love Yahoo's fantasy sports sites.

There are lots of very good reasons for Moms to want to start a small home based business or to work at home. Taking care of family and small children, caring for their elderly parents or special-needs children, cutting commute costs and helping to earn extra are just some of the reasons.

Venture capitalists are in the business of lending money, but actually making contact with a VC or angel investor can be tough for a small business.

Credit is a convenient financial tool, but it carries responsibilities that must be understood beforehand, rather than after ignoring them has caused problems.

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