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Whenever it comes to top favorite chocolates there are few brands that always top the list. Ten such brands are:

10 questions about sugar

Did you ever wonder how people in Japan connect to websites hosted in San Francisco? Or how a New Yorker can Skype with a friend in Sydney?

The Louvre in Paris was the most visited art museum last year, according to the Art Newspaper.The publication's annual poll stated that nearly 8.9 million people visited the French institute, which was almost a 5% increase on last year.

What color underwear did you wear on New Year's Eve? Your choice may say something about your culture and your hopes for 2012 as might whether you decide to ring in the new year by smashing dishes, respectfully bowing to your elders or feasting on everything from cabbage to sticky rice soup to black-eyed peas.

If 2011 wasnt that great for you, maybe you should ring in the new year with the following traditions and superstitions to increase your chances of gettin lucky in 2012.

There's nothing better than seeing in the new year with a good firework display. We've picked some of the best spots around the world to party under a sky full of dazzling colours. Whether you want to welcome in 2012 wrapped up warm in the snow and ice, or grooving in your bathers on a sandy beach, there's a bangingly-brilliant party for everyone...

100 Annoying Words and Phrases

Now, where did I put those car keys? Did I switch the oven off? Have I locked the front door? And, oh no, Ive forgotten her name... If any of that sounds familiar, you probably wont be poised to compete in the World Memory Championships this year.

While many foods can be frozen to increase their shelf life, there are some that rapidly deteriorate after a spell in the icy freezer. Here are five of them.

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