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09 March 2009 05:22 am
Sometimes it can be difficult not to be shy around other people-this may be for many reasons. But whatever the reason is, being shy around people isn't the best thing. So if you're trying to get over that shyness, this is most definitely the article for you. Read on...

27 February 2009 02:33 am
Here are 10 simple (and unique) exercises you can use to increase productivity and energy levels. If you are in search of a boost, consider implementing a few of these recommendations over the next few weeks and see how you feel:

23 February 2009 04:03 am
Being friendly should be an easy task, no matter who you are. It requires a few minor adjustments, but overall you will feel better and treat people better.

22 February 2009 04:56 am
I think I can. I think I can. Can I? Your mental train ticket to self-empowerment

22 February 2009 04:37 am
Chances are you've made some new resolutions to start the New Year with. If you are like most Americans, you will probably break those resolutions before the end of the month!

10 February 2009 03:15 am
Conscious breathing: If your daily activities put you in a stressful and overwhelming state, pause in between and make a conscious effort to breath deeply. It is the easiest and least time consuming way to de-stress and put you at ease.

05 February 2009 03:19 am
So, what is real beauty? It sure isn't a secret ingredient in ultra long-lasting lip gloss, and you surely won't find it hidden in the cosmetics aisle at the drug store. Its the knowledge that you like yourself, and that you're true to your own heart.

28 January 2009 03:42 am
Have you ever had one of those days, where everything just went right? Its like you were on a snowball of success and as the day went on, it just kept getting better and better, to the point where you couldnt believe that this was happening to you.

27 January 2009 03:55 am
Taking a little time to relax each day can help us manage the stress of busy modern lives. Some stress is a natural part of life. We all cope with it in different ways.

26 January 2009 04:00 am
Myth #1 You need a "Significant Other" to be happy.

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