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15 October 2008 12:51 am
If you want to add happiness back into your life, then there is no magic switch that you can just turn to make you happy.

12 October 2008 11:29 pm
Well everyone in this world has the possibility of improvement as no one is perfect.As the perfection level varies so the improvement level varies. From the days of my childhood I use to wonder that why do people make mistakes,then i realized the fact that no one is perfect.

12 October 2008 03:14 am
A meditation for beginners doesn't have to be difficult. In fact it can be as simple as closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths.

11 October 2008 05:08 am
We love to look at things with an eye to improvement. There is a sense of freedom in the ability to make changes to our environments.

11 October 2008 03:31 am
Although most people are looking forward to a long weekend away from work this time of year, a new survey shows the vast majority of adults are actually happy with their jobs.

09 October 2008 12:37 am
Are you bombarded with negative thoughts, feelings of inadequacy, and maybe even shame about the past? How do you feel?

08 October 2008 04:18 am
I have seen many people, in the course of my life who used to ask me certain questions, wanting to change certain habits and develop good habits.

06 October 2008 02:07 am
As much as we would all love to live an easy life with endless resources and finances, most people might admit that life would be pretty monotonous if there were no obstacles or failures.

04 October 2008 01:38 am
Each person has the power to find true happiness. It's a way of how you see situations that happen in life.

03 October 2008 05:45 am
Every one of us is not lucky to be happy at all times. We do have our ups and downs and tragedy times. But sometimes, sorrow catches up on us too quick making itself a home within us. Then being sad is only a day's routine. As we think nothing will change. And so life goes on.

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