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01 August 2008 01:09 am
You do not need to feel overwhelmed by stress, fear, fatigue, or anxiety. Use these simple mind over mood tips to feel better and calmer.

30 July 2008 03:16 am
How much sleep did you get last night? How do you feel today? Have you thought about how sleep (and lack of it) may affect how you feel, both physically and mentally? If you have, do you know how you can improve your sleep routine?

29 July 2008 03:01 am
Take Care of YOU First. Always. No matter what. No excuses. If you do something for someone else without taking care of yourself first, you'll resent it. And you'll end up punishing yourself.

27 July 2008 04:12 am
What is the most important thing in your life? You may think my business, or family, or money, but one of the most important areas of your life as a entrepreneur and savvy business person or any person in todays high stress life is your health. Without it you will have nothing.

27 July 2008 03:38 am
We all have felt stress before, or have times when we wish we knew how to calm down! No matter how confident and relaxed you are, you know what its like to be nervous before an interview, trembling before you are about to give speech, or cold and clammy when youre about to pick up your date. Nearly everyone feels nervous over some issues, yet many never seek knowledge to learn how to calm down properly.

26 July 2008 01:22 am
How often do you get up in the morning and feel great? For most people, the answer is not very often if ever at all. The standard mode is getting out of bed because you have to and from there living the rest of the day with a low level feeling of unease.

26 July 2008 12:42 am
Most of us know lucky people, those who seem to lived a charmed life. They may not even be all that smart, and yet they seem to almost stumble into good situations. Opportunities open up for them, things are "handed" to them. Perhaps they win in the stock market, find a dream job, or get married to their ideal spouse.

25 July 2008 12:43 am
The way you think, day in day out, affects all aspects of your life. Learning to listen to your "internal dialogue" will help you recognize your thought patterns and how they may be affecting the way you handle the stressful situations of daily living.

24 July 2008 02:23 am
Why do we dream? Dreams are chances to eavesdrop on a conversation between our unconscious and conscious minds offering us opportunities to understand ourselves better and achieve greater inner harmony. Dreams are an integral part of mental life. Dreams are the images, thoughts and feelings experienced while asleep.

22 July 2008 04:31 am
Affirmations are extremely powerful; they are great tools that can help you to build your confidence, to develop a positive optimistic attitude; to change unwanted beliefs and patterns with the new chosen ones, to attract into your life what you want. Positive affirmations can help to manage stress. They act as reprogramming software for the mind.

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