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22 July 2008 03:50 am
At times we all find it so difficult to go on when everything seems to fail, isn't it? Are there times in your life when you really want to call it "quits" because you just can't see any good results from all the hard work you've done?

21 July 2008 07:07 am
I found happiness working at home and I no longer have the worry and stress most folks experience day to day.Did you know that in recent studies, neurologists confirm that worry and anxiety can kill?

20 July 2008 03:06 am
The greatest gift Life could have made to you is yourself. You are a spontaneous, self choosing center of Life, in the great drama of being, the great joy of becoming, the certainty of eternal expansion. (Unknown)

19 July 2008 02:09 am
While a meditative state is the natural outcome of yoga and the spiritual benefit of meditation is supreme bliss or enlightenment, these words are unlikely to be understood by many.However, progress towards meditation and meditative techniques have several benefits at the gross body or material level:

14 July 2008 03:25 am
We all dream of having a job we love one were eager to get to at the start of every day. But how far is too far? If your work is more important than your family, you may be venturing into dangerous territory.

07 July 2008 03:32 am
Happiness, Love, Luck Are you looking for that? Then be ready to commit yourself to be happy.Put now all your worries, troubles, doubts into the hand and blow it strong away.Try to start each day with the following proven recommendations and you will meet a lot of positive changes one by one each day.

29 June 2008 05:52 am
Happiness is a state of mind, therefore the real source of happiness lies in the mind, not in external circumstances. If our mind is pure and peaceful we shall be happy, regardless of our external conditions, but if it is impure and unpeaceful we shall never find happiness, no matter how much we try to change our external circumstances.

27 June 2008 12:55 am
Instead of waiting and looking back on your life and realizing how great it was, realize how great it is while you're living it.

24 June 2008 06:18 am
The Italian Alps, where four languages are spoken (Italian, German, French, and Ladin) and cultures meet, is home to some of the country's most spectacular scenery. A link between central Europe and the Mediterranean, South Tyrol in the northeast traces its history from the stone age. Roman emperors, Bavarian farmers in the 8th and 9th centuries, and European royalty all left their mark.

16 June 2008 01:36 am
You will always face choices in life and those choices can be negative or positive, depending on how you view life. You may opt to have a pessimists view and live a self-defeated life or you may decide to take the optimists route and live a challenging and fulfilling life.

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