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13 June 2008 07:31 am
1. Take Care of YOU First. Always. No matter what. No excuses. If you do something for someone else without taking care of yourself first, you'll resent it. And you'll end up punishing yourself. Workout. Eat well. Relax. Take care of your body. Take time out. Keep away from toxic people and toxic situations. If you don't feel good, you aren't good...for anybody. Most importantly...for yourself.

12 June 2008 04:24 am
It is whatever you choose to label it. Every crisis is an opportunity. You can see life as difficult or you can see it as challenging. Life is an adventure! If it were easy, what would be the point? It would be dull. You'd take it all for granted. The struggle builds character. The greatest people throughout history overcame enormous obstacles to achieve greatness. Just do whatever you need to do. Life is a journey. There may be bumps along the road, hairpin turns, dead-ends. You may get lost now & then. Just enjoy the journey, whatever it brings. Troubles don't last forever. It does get better. Happier days could be just around the bend.

12 June 2008 04:03 am
Have a discussion with someone you trust; Go for a walk, a run, or do some physical activity; Listen to music you enjoy; Do some art work of your choice; Write in a journal; Brainstorm all the ways to react to the situation and choose one; Play a game; Seek advice; Know that your feelings will change, so be patient with yourself; Count to 10. Use slow breathing techniques.

09 June 2008 08:05 am
I was always right about this: Laughter Is The Best Medicine.f there's one thing I have to admit about my mother is that she If you can't laugh about yourself and the things that happen to you - you're headed for a heart attack or some other malady, it's the way the body works. Laughter lightens the moment and strips away the seriousness that many of us approach life with; it releases the pain and chases away your personal rainstorms leaving a bright sunshiny day.

09 June 2008 03:27 am
Do you sometimes hear yourself or other people say: "I have tried positive thinking, and I have repeated affirmations, I have meditated and yet nothing happened"?

08 June 2008 07:54 am
Your ability to deal constructively and effectively with mistakes and temporary setbacks is a mental skill that you can learn and become proficient at. The best way to deal with any failure is to realize that it is an indispensable prerequisite for success. You have to treat failure as an opportunity to lean, and begin again. You can overcome the fear of failure by doing the things you fear over and over again, and then resolve to bounce back, rather than letting them break you when things dont go right.

05 June 2008 06:58 am
Ever have one of those days? Or maybe youre feeling discouraged, frustrated, or stressed? You dont have to suffer. Seek out things you enjoy, activities that make you happy. If youre stuck for ideas, read on.

27 May 2008 02:52 am
Some people find it easy to relax, others find it very difficult. This article is aimed at those who find it difficult. This process is excellent to use if you are having trouble falling asleep at night or just find it hard to switch off from the stresses of life!

26 May 2008 02:54 am
People believe that happiness is a place to reach. That once you achieve this or that then you will be happy. I constantly catch myself in this pattern. Here's the deal happiness is a state of being not a destination. You can access the state of being happy at anytime.

26 May 2008 02:30 am
The saying goes, "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away." The idea is that fresh foods, physical activities, and an overall healthy lifestyle could prevent a person from frequent visitations to their doctor. They body becomes stronger and functions efficiently, and the individual does not suffer from common ailments or disease. Ideally, this is the picture that everyone wants, "a picture of perfect health." The attractive physique, increase in energy, and general euphoric sensations are some of the benefits gained from a good diet and exercise plan. But for a large number of us, we simply fall short of this model. Thus, we spend a great deal of time playing "catch up."

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