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20 March 2008 01:42 am
You know youre only hurting yourself by being angry and yet you cant stop the feeling from boiling inside you. What do you do? Try anger management. Yes, you can do anger management even if it feels like a bomb is about to explode from deep inside you.

19 March 2008 03:28 am
Are you the 'glass is half full' type of person? Is it your nature to look on the bright side of things, or do you relate more with the "if it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all" crowd? While some psychologists believe genetics largely determines whether or not we have a positive or negative outlook towards life, the reality is that we can to a large degree alter our outlook by changing our attitude. Realizing a few years back that my attitude left a lot to be desired, I decided to try and improve it by reading positive books and applying some of the techniques I came across.

18 March 2008 03:45 am
The following three inspirations were adapted from A Daily Dose of Happiness, and they represent three key ways to increase our happiness.

17 March 2008 04:15 am
I cant do it. Im no good. Im not good enough. Im too short. I dont have a college degree. What am I going to do? I cant do it, head trash. This is going to be the first step to removing your head trash for good, getting rid of your negative reflection.

17 March 2008 04:03 am
I want you to believe that you have the potential to do just about anything you dream of doing and be just about anybody you want to become. We all have our perceptions of the ideal life. It can be obtaining financial freedom or as simply as becoming an under par golfer. The truth is, many people fail to achieve their dream because they cant get a solid, clear pictures in their mind of what they really want out of life.

12 March 2008 07:35 am
Someone once told me that I say it loudest when I say nothing at all. How do you use silence? Silence can be used as a mark of contempt as when you are in a situation where you cannot say what you want to say, but nevertheless feel that some sort of response is called for. Silence can be a very effective bullying tactic when you say nothing and the person who is trying to be heard is squashed by being met with total silence. In this case there is nothing that can be said which will elicit a response and the affect can be devastating. Total annihilation without a word being said.

11 March 2008 11:32 am
Stress has negative consequences to both your health and your relationships. The way to stay healthy and happy is to learn how to relax

10 March 2008 07:32 am
Who or what have you been blaming for not moving forward in your life? Who or what have you been pinpointing for your life not being the way you want it?. You might be surprised to know that whoever you can name or whatever circumstance you been confronted with in life, none of these are to blame for your capability of being successful and moving forward. There is only one person who is capable to set boundaries limits to your growth and that person is YOU.

07 March 2008 06:32 am
We all know how important it is to set goals. Goals give us direction and purpose.They are something by which we can measure our success by. A successful life is a life by which goals are constantly set and achieved. We also know that most of us never achieve our goals. So how do we go about setting and achieving our goals?

07 March 2008 06:27 am
They say that you are what you eat. You are also what you think. Think positive, hope and wish for positive things and you are more likely to get them in your life. For example: Imagine walking across a room with a cup of coffee full to the brim, someone says be careful. From that moment on you are more aware of what you are doing and more likely to spill some!

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