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14 January 2008 11:33 am
What makes successful people successful? We would all love to be able to walk down to the local supermarket and pick up a bottle of success. But lets look past that fantasy and find out one of the most basic reasons why people become successful.

14 January 2008 04:52 am
This is the time to evaluate yourself and your future. It takes some real, heart felt honesty. If you really want to change your life for the better, here is how to start. Above all, you must believe that you have the potential to do just about anything you dream of doing and that you can become just about anybody you want to become.

09 January 2008 01:53 pm
The benefits of smiling isn't limited to those who smile, but can have the same impact- if not greater, on those who see you smile. Smile to a loved one whom receives it may have a better day the moment their blessed with it. A smile is one of the strongest, yet silent form of communication and expression.

09 January 2008 01:30 pm
Are you feeling sad or unhappy? Heres a few things that Ive found to be extremely helpful.

09 January 2008 05:31 am
What has happened before has brought you to where you are. Yet the past has no control over where you can go from here. Your past history does not create your future. The choices you make right now are what create the substance of that future.

08 January 2008 07:54 am
Almost everyone has heard the hit single 'Don't Worry, Be Happy' by Bobby McFerrin. The song has a very catchy way of conveying its message of being happy to everyone. Bobby Mcferrin's simple message surely made a lot of people happy by telling them not to worry.

07 January 2008 05:52 am
It's easy to forget to make time for yourself when you have an important meeting, three kids in three different schools, a traveling spouse and commitments in your community to juggle. So how come other moms always seem to "have it all" and still have time to workout, read the latest best sellers and spend time with their friends? The truth is, making time for yourself is an art, and like every art, it requires practice.

03 January 2008 06:17 am
Would you like to know if you are a shy person?, answer the next questionarie and find out.

03 January 2008 05:59 am
You weren't born perfect - nobody is. But you can do something to make your life a lot better than what is experienced by the average individual. The people who are the happiest with their lives are those who can learn to love themselves just the way they are. Here are some suggestions on how to place yourself up on that pedestal and laugh at negative energy.

02 January 2008 10:17 am
Learning a new language is a gratifying enterprise. I'm not going to tell you that it is always easy, but if you go down this road you will not regret it. Motivation often depends on having a clear purpose. The reasons below may help you find the stimulation you need.

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