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Here are some things you can do in the short term and the long term so that you will wake up fresh and energetic in the morning.

It is easy to react negatively to something in spite of our best intentions to respond in a favorable way. When we are caught in the moment, things can get out of hand pretty quickly. Reminding ourselves of the values that are important can help in such situations.

Ten quick tips to improve your self esteem

What is the definition of happiness? Why do some people seem to have the secret to happiness, while others struggle to gain any satisfaction? These are some basic but effective ideas that you can use to cultivate inner happiness and build an incredible life.

These mental tweaks help cheery types live longer, stay healthier, and even look younger.

For the third time now, the hardware store clerk has brought you the wrong lightbulb, maybe because she still hasn't gotten off her @#*! cell phone. Bad service isn't a crime, but it sure can make you want to commit one, as can any number of daily irritants (being cut off on the highway, just missing the train).

Hello, fountain of youth! Stay young with these amazing, completely natural age erasers that boost brain power, stop stress, and smooth skin.

For young people, happiness linked to excitement; for older people, simply a happy existence will do.

Getting up in the morning is too often a challenge. To wake cheerful and rested use a sleep strategy to ensure you get enough quality sleep. Then stick to your routine, don't scrimp on sleep. Sleep deprivation slows your brain and dims your cheerfulness.

The power of positive thinking is immense, the value of a positive mental attitude is priceless. It is a value everyone must have. It is the prelude to success, within and without.

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