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Author and political commentator Donna Brazile reveals six things she never wants to think about again and you don't need them either.

Anger is coursing through your veins like hot, cliched lava. It feels like your head's fixing to uncap itself, a cartoon mushroom cloud bursting from your cranium and firecrackers erupting from your ears.

Is your life perfect? Do you have everything you ever wanted? Are there no problems in your life? Well if your answer to any of the above questions is yes then this article is not for you.

Smiling is a great way to make yourself stand out while helping your body to function better. Smile to improve your health, your stress level, and your attractiveness. Smiling is just one fun way to live longer read about the others and try as many as you can.

Do you want to lead a happy, successful and balanced life, yet often find you lack the energy, time and motivation to do everything you'd like?

Does this sound familiar? After a hard day at the office, you come home, snatch something out of the freezer, throw in the microwave, tell the kids that "soup's on" and then jump on your laptop to check your work email. In today's world, this has become an all too common occurrence.

Are you feeling sad or unhappy? Heres a few things that Ive found to be extremely helpful.

Energy is a source within us that we can increase or decrease not only using the mind, but based on how we utilize our food and drink. Here are a few things you could do every morning to give you boundless energy.

Your body needs to move: With our modern style of living, we often forget that humans are part of the animal reign. As any other specie, we need to move. Exercise is crucial for our health.

Build a "memory palace": "Housing" a list of things you need to memorize is essential.

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