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Do you need a happiness boost right now? If so, take a look at this menu of options and make your choices. Remember, the more you tackle, the bigger the boost youll receive.

When life's got you down, turn to these 14 easy, inexpensive, and positive ways to free your mind.

We all know the dangers of smoking. And while many of us still do it, theres no doubting weve had plenty of education now about the perils of puffing. Overeating, foregoing exercise and alcohol abuse are right up there too as big hitters on the health front things we know we should control.

The cost of old age on health services in industrialised nations may need to be re-measured, a study suggests.

Who doesn't want to spend an afternoon (or a weekend!) getting pampered at a posh spa? But indulging in a day of decadence at the hands of a pro can be expensive. Luckily, it's actually possible to re-create the experience from the relaxing ambiance to the impressive results at home.

Discover exercises you can do to help you remember more.

Everything we have done and all the choices we have made have led us to where we are today.

The point is: obstacles to youthful longevity are not just biological, but also political. Also, a majority of our celebrated thinkers are at odds with the idea of long, healthy lives.

A lot of people complain of not feeling well most of the time. Perhaps its not a full on sickness, but more a general feeling of low energy.

Try these pick-me-ups to help lift your spirits in a jiffy. These work over your thoughts to directly influence your emotions and spare you from dwelling in negativity

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